African Representative Council

The African Representative Council in 1958.
Robinson is in the 2nd row, 3rd from right.
I MacDonald, Clerk of the Council is in the centre.
Pascale Sokota is next to MacDonald, 4th from left.
Lakement Ng'andu who later became Mutale Chitapankwa, Paramount Chief of the Bemba, is next to Pascale Sokota.
D. Siwale B.E.M is in the front row 3rd from left.


I think it is fair that the African people of Northern Rhodesia themselves should elect their own representatives.

Excerpt quoting Robinson during the debates from the Hansard report of the African Representative Council, Seventh Session of the Third Council, June, 1958.

The topics of the debates included electoral reform, the right to hold public meetings, trade unionism,race discrimination, the purchase of firearms, and several other subjects.

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African Representative Council, June, 1958


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