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Chisanga, I spent a long time at the site you directed me to. After starting with your father's biography I devoured everything on the site. He stands for all time as a great man and a hero of similar stature to Gandhi. I hope your mother receives the honour and recognition she deserves from the Zambian Government and perhaps it is time for Robinson to receive a permanent memorial in Zambia as one who led the way to self-government, dignity and one who even after Independence held the torch of true democracy high no matter what the cost. It is definitely time for his story and that of others to be written into the history curriculum of Zambian school children. He has become one of my heroes.

I examined all the photos and I particularly love the painting of your parents. It is hard to look on it without a loving smile and rather moist eyes.

One of the problems with Zimbabweans rising against tyranny is that they have been tyrannized for so long first by the Ian Smith regime and then by Mugabe that they do not know what their rights are and democracy has to be explained to them and slowly internalized by them when they arrive, cowed and fearful in the U.S.

Your father had no explanations to lead the way. He had the traditions and pride of a long line of noble ancestors, an innate sense of responsibility and leadership, brilliance, courage and determination. Your mother too, daughter of a noble family and of a woman of drive and high achievement.

I found Dr. Chileshe's account brilliant, illuminating, and seamless reading. I wrote to him asking him to direct me to other writings on those days.

Tina Wallace — U.S.A.

Well done. I spent my lunch time browsing through the site, obviously a lot of work and thought went it. An excellent tribute.

Hastings Mtine — Zambia

Congratulations on a job well done. I haven't had time to trawl through the whole site yet, but it looks pretty damn impressive! Looks like a mission of love and respect and good on you for getting it done.

Geoff Paynter — South Africa

The website combines a lightness of style in most of the contributions, which helps convey warmth and humanity, with formality that conveys the respect in which your father was clearly held by so many of his distinguished contemporaries.

Chisanga -- You may remember that I once mentioned your incarceration at a meeting of the AAC & De Beers Chairman's Fund committee, where several Anglo Executive Directors of that time (1981-2) who all had done duty in Zambia were present - people such as Dennis Etheredge, Zach de Beer and Murray Hofmeyr. All seemed to remember your father; several spoke fondly of him, recollecting personal impressions he had made on them; and one of them spontaneously volunteered to enquire through the then resident AAC Director in Zambia to find out what they could about your detention and possible trial.

Dirk Kemp — South Africa

It is only after reading the excellent website for Robinson Chisanga Puta Chekwe that it dawned on me that much of Zambia's history and its historical figures is not known and not yet written. I am ashamed to say that I wrote what I thought to be a comprehensive history of the labour movement in Zambia entitled, CLASS STRUGGLES IN ZAMBIA, 1889-1989 AND THE FALL OF KENNETH KAUNDA, 1989-1991 University Press of America, 1992), without once mentioning one of the Key trade union leaders, Robinson Chisanga Puta. How could I have missed such a historic figure? The answer is simple. Not much had been written or mentioned about him in the available sources that I consulted and those sources are the most popular sources. I have now undertaken to update my book, thanks to the efforts made by the creators of the Chekwe website that contains much useful information about this courageous trade unionist and leader.

We ought to revive Zambian history and the history of the pioneers that made it possible to construct that great country; one of the few young countries without a history of civil war or military regimes. The peace that that country enjoys is a result of the insights and Cohesiveness of the first generation leaders like Robinson Puta who were above tribal politics and who placed the interest of the country above all else.

The contribution to the knowledge of Zambia's history and its first generation leaders can be done by constructing websites like the one pertaining to Robinson Puta ( and a new website devoted to Mainza Chona ( and others that are already existing on Zambian leaders like Kenneth Kaunda and Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula. The families of these great leaders have an important role to play as they have more intimate knowledge of the leaders as well as access to credible sources from which information can be obtained. Figures like Kaunda, Nkumbula, and Kapwepwe are already much known and written about. They are however but three of a large number of pioneers who made Zambia possible. As I said in my introduction to the Mainza Chona website, there are many unheralded leaders out there who made Zambia what it is today, but who are yet to be properly acknowledged. One of these leaders is Robinson Chisanga Puta Chekwe. Another is Matthias Mainza Chona. And there are others. I salute the Robinson family for designing the Chekwe website, from which I have mined a lot of Information for the forthcoming update of my 1992 book on CLASS STRUGGLES IN ZAMBIA.

Barrister and Solicitor — Canada



Excellent Site

I took some time off my studyng preparing for my exam and started surfing the net. I found this site about a great son of Zambia, Robinson Chisanga Puta Chekwe. Excellent man, this actually shows how certain people like Robinson Puta have sacrifised for the well being of the common man.

Robinson Puta was jailed more than once for trying to better the lives of people. He also rose to be who he became because of hard work and determination despite all the obstacles he faced on the way up. I encourage all the youth of Zambia and the world over to emulate such poeple like Robinson Puta and our world will be a better place to live in.

Job well done Mr. Robinson Chisanga Puta Chekwe. You lived your life for a purpose of mankind and not for your personnal glory. May Your Sour Rest in Eternal Peace.

Kelvin Muleta Mbangweta
Zambian Student in the Russian Federation


Puta, our saviour